This is a reproduction of an awesome project post from Mike Kohn.


I was recently contacted by The Western Design Center to see if I wanted a preview of their new MENSCH Microcomputer to try out, so who am I to say no to something like that :). So yesterday I got the board out of the package and wrote a simple LED blinking program. I figured I’d post some source code and some tips for anyone else wanting to get started with this board.

This page is still a work in progress so if something doesn’t make sense or needs more explanation please send me an email and I will write more.

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So the first program (shown in the video below) is just a simple LED blink. The board has 8 LEDs connected to port 7 so it’s a pretty simple program to set PD7 to scroll the LEDs back and forth. The source code is here:


The code assembles with naken_asm with the following on the command-line: naken_asm -l -I /path/to/naken_asm/include/65c816 mensch_blink.asm

To hook up the MENSCH Microcomputer to my laptop I used an Adafruit USB to TTL Serial Cable as shown in the picture below.

Mensch 65DC265 Microcomputer

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