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Introduction to WDC’s EIT

As a recognized pioneer of the microprocessor industry, Mr. Mensch’s twenty two patented inventions were/are used on the original Motorola 6800 Microprocessor Family, MOS Technology 6502 Microprocessor Family, and WDC’s 65C02 and 65816 Microprocessor Families. As an electrical engineer, 1971 BSEE from The University of Arizona (UA), having taught graduate level classes at Arizona State University (ASU) on SOC design for five years, advisor to four university colleges of engineering for over two decades. Mr. Mensch continues to make Embedded Intelligence Technology available through The Western Design Center, Inc. (WDC) in the form of ICs (Chips) and MENSCH™ SBCs (Boards).

WDC’s 65xx Integrated Circuits

WDC’s 65xx microprocessor family is one of the most used and loved processing families of all time.  WDC continues to supply numerous microprocessors, microcontollers, and peripherals.  Learn more more about WDC’s ICs.

The MENSCH™ Series of SBCs

The MENSCH™ series of microcomputers is intended as small single board computers (SBCs) intended for learners to begin comfortably engaging with SBC hardware and associated embedded software for application specific embedding intelligence into things.

MENSCH™ Microcomputer

The MENSCH™ microcomputer W65C265QBX is a small single-board computer (SBC), the W65C265S MCU. This board shows the simplicity of design by leveraging the W65C265S’s built-in monitor. Learn more about the W65C265QBX.


The Western Design Center MyMENSCH™  is a MAX®10 FPGA based IoT CPU Development board for entry-level evaluation of WDC Microcontroller development for commercial and IoT focused developer based systems. Get started with MyMENSCH™ here.

SXB Boards

WDC produces several SXB boards for education and development using their chip IC products. See more about these boards at WDC’s SXB page.

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