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Center for Embedded Intelligent Systems Studies (CEISS)


The Center for Embedded Intelligent Systems Studies (CEISS) is a virtual center supported by The Bill and Dianne Mensch Foundation, Inc. The “Science, Engineering and Business of Embedded Intelligence Technology (EIT) informs and helps understand the practical application of the concepts embedded in The Theory of Embedded Intelligence (EI) for all areas of inquiry.

CEISS is a resource for The Mensch Prize awards for scholarship recipients. Currently, there are fourteen (14) Mensch Prizes available at ASU Barrett, The Honors College, UArizona Franke Honors College, UArizona College of Engineering, and Pennridge High School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Evolutionary steps of The Mensch Prize could include presentations at National and Regional Honors Conferences.

The CEISS aims to create workshops that can be beneficial to all ages. The first workshop created was “The Theory of Embedded Intelligence (EI) Introduction & Workshop”, which was created and held on April 18, 2022, at Loews Ventana Resort in Tucson, Arizona during The Science of Consciousness (TSC) Conference 2022. An Embedded Intelligence talk was presented on April 23, 2024 at The Science of Consciousness Conference 2024, Future activities may include recorded conversations, interviews, panel discussions, and practical applications of the understanding of Embedded Intelligent Systems (EIS). An example of the study of EIS in nature, when understood and applied for the benefit of mankind, this is called Biomimicry.

The following is a brief list of suggested areas of inquiry that could benefit from an embedded intelligent systems (EIS) perspective:

  1. Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics
  2. Atomic physics
  3. Abiotic factors and structures
  4. Biotic factors and structures
  5. Cellular biological sciences
  6. Life sciences
  7. Organizations in Biology
  8. Moral Sciences
  9. Political Sciences
  10. Social Sciences
  11. Applied Sciences
  12. Philosophy – and the human EIS aka mind
  13. Myth – and the human EIS aka mind
  14. Religion – and the human EIS aka mind
  15. Psychology – and the human EIS aka mind
  16. Fine Arts
  17. Performing Arts
  18. Humanities
  19. Physical Sciences
  20. Astrobiology

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