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The Theory of EI


The universe can be thought of as having an infinite number of features with age and size being two of those features. The first atomic structures most likely of a hydrogen atom, the smallest atom, began in the infinite number of stars found throughout the universe. “Atomic level Embedded Intelligence (EI)” will be referred to as that which informed energy to “self-assemble” to become an atom. The creation of and assembly of atomic structures was seminal in that it was the beginning of matter.

Embedded Intelligence is characterized as the ability to sense, process, communicate, and actuate (SPCA) based upon information gained from understanding of both itself and others and for the benefit of many.

The Theory of Embedded Intelligence suggests that the intelligence is in or within every-thing and that all naturally occurring “things” self-assemble their selves. When man the species designs and builds a thing then we call that thing having been built by “artificial intelligence (AI)” or manmade intelligence, the intelligence that created the thing. One can see here how a personal God enters the picture in some peoples’ imagination and myth creation.

I hypothesize that Embedded Intelligence (EI), is evident in everything that exists, whether it be inanimate or animate (a life form), a system (organic or otherwise), or inanimate or animate social and cultural organizations.

I further hypothesize that in its workings EI has infinite possible outcomes, among which are human beings (and other intelligent life forms).  Furthermore, humans develop personal EI in the course of experience, education and such creative activity as scientific investigation and aesthetic production.

The earliest mythological concepts and continuing on today could be considered as evolving from this first intelligence. Evolution can be thought of as  a characteristic of embedded intelligence that can learn and be self-modifying. Today we are building “machine learning” into manmade EI sometimes referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI). The idea for AI is used to differentiate from naturally occurring EI.

The human education system is of special import in understanding EI, use, and expression in ever expanding complex system, both un-assisted and assisted by human endeavor. The continued assembly of all forms is possible through understanding. We must work together to continue the progress, constructively, in knowing and understanding that which was first experienced by that first hydrogen atom for the benefit of all that was, is, or will Be!

EI Presentation

Where are we going from the Information Age?

Some noteworthy contributors to our worldwide embedded intelligence are, Google, for making the world or humanity’s information searchable, Facebook for socially connecting people, and Twitter for connecting people with simple and convenient digital messages.

About 250 years ago Ben Franklin, the world’s leading scientist concerning at that time, lamented that he couldn’t think of one thing that electricity was useful for. Now look at all that humanity has created that is powered by electricity to operate, extend, and evolve our embedded intelligence of our wonder-full world.

With your help, are we going to the Age of Understanding?

With the Information Age, empowered by microprocessor embedded intelligence technology, evolving our abilities to access, search, and re-search all kinds of topics, we are on the threshold of the Age of Understanding. Each and every one of us can now pursue knowing any topic and then understand said topic. We have to be ready to learn and understand. When we are ready to learn, no one can stop us now. The barriers of understanding have been lifted in the Age of Understanding, mind, body, soul, and the universe we live in.

What is the difference between AI and EI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one form of “human-made intelligence” which is embedded into things becoming EI. EI is all categories of intelligence creating non-living and living things, naturally occurring or otherwise.

Why was The Theory of Embedded Intelligence written?

I am an electrical engineer educated at four (4) USA colleges of engineering. The four universities are Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania, The University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, and Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.

I have been asked to join advisory councils at four universities’ colleges of engineering. The four universities I have advised over for more than twenty (20) years are Temple University, The University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana, The University of Arizona, and Arizona State University.

Simply stated, I have a strong interest in education and support of education. That said, I enjoy learning about how many diverse things work and curious about many topics. My fascination is related to both naturally occurring and human made things and events.

Looking back at my career as a semiconductor engineer with a focus on embedded intelligence technology in the form of microprocessor and microprocessing technology, I discovered that human created embedded intelligence in some ways mimics naturally occurring embedded intelligence. Then I started thinking about maybe human-made embedded intelligence could inform on natures embedded intelligence. Humans could learn from human-made EI, suggesting that humans could learn about our own species and all living things.

Furthermore, I started thinking about all forms of matter both living and non-living. Discovering that there must be an embedded intelligence in all things in order to exist from the smallest atomic structures to the most complex structures of matter and organizations of matter and living things and organizations of living things. Embedded intelligence is a simple but elegant concept. Since all “things” are forms of energy, all things found a way to convert from energy, survive, and continue to exist.

There were two choices I was faced with. One, something had created everything in the known universe had to could come from intelligence “within” everything and two, something in the universe created everything from the “outside” of everything.

What was it that which could begin to tell the story that informed all that exists? There must be one essential ingredient in all things and that must be what we call intelligence. Intelligence that informs energy and therefore converts energy into matter at the smallest and the most complex levels of existence.

From time immemorial, the universe’s presence has been an object of significant theological and philosophical speculation.  The Theory of Embedded Intelligence can shed new light on that presence, yielding a richer comprehension of its processes and phenomena.

It is through “sciences” or “scientific discovery methods” that we begin to unravel the mysteries of life and all that is observed.

Furthermore it is through understanding that all things both large and small, complex and simple, have an embedded intelligence to exist and survive. All things are comprised of energy at the lowest form and the grandest form. We are therefore all One.

It is my “belief” that through “understanding” and/or the “pursuit of understanding” that humanity/life is sustainable on planet Earth and/or anywhere in the universe.

The concept of “peace” or “perpetual peace” is an idealistic view of the world that evolves through conflict. The more realistic view of our world is the pursuit of understanding. Only understanding can promote resolution of conflict on any level of human endeavor.

Evolution requires conflict with status quo!!

How and why would one refer to and/or use The Theory of EI?

The Theory of Embedded Intelligence can be used as a foundation of understanding all things.

Humanity has found serious conflict of opinions, economies, communities, cultures, and beliefs. Once we know and understand we can begin to apply what we know and understand.

We have a choice. Do we want to know, understand, and apply what we understand or on the other hand do we NOT want to know, understand, and apply what we know and understand?

Whenever we follow a belief instead of knowledge and understanding we make a choice and that is simply to NOT know and understand. Not knowing and not understanding results in conflicts of beliefs instead of sharing what we know and understand. Simply stated, “believing” when we can know and understand confuses and defeats our individual embedded intelligence and therefore our collective embedded intelligence.

It has been my observation that conflicts of beliefs are the core issue facing humanity! Understanding and applying The Theory of Embedded Intelligence is a method for eliminating unnecessary conflict. Replacing conflict with a synergy benefits all living and non-living things.

The time is now to re-view and re-new the understanding of all significant philosophies, beliefs, myths, religious documents, and understandings under the microscope of The Theory of Embedded Intelligence for the benefit of all.

-William (Bill) D. Mensch Jr. 

March 2010 – Present

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