W65C816SXB- Hacker

Introduction: A tool for modifying the firmware on your WDC W65C816SXB Development Board The SXB development board has a 128K Flash ROM that can be updated under software control. The design of the SXB board divides the ROM into four 32K banks and maps one these into the memory area between $00:8000 and $00:FFFF. On […]


W65C816SXB- Game of Life

From “Alamorobotics’” post from 6502.org…… I managed to get it to play Game of life on my old 24×24 LED display…The LED display is controlled by 9 MAX7219 LED controllers that is interfaced using the VIA.The shift register in the VIA is used rather than bit banging the data with IO ports, this allows for […]