W65C265SXB Projects

W65C265SXB- Music Player

Project by: Mike Kohn Music Player The W65C265 chip has 2 tone generators built in, so I decided for a second project to play some music. The tone generators, unlike toggling an I/O pin with a timer, generates a sine wave. Since this project is pretty similar to my previous SN76489 MIDI player I ended […]


W65C265SXB-Tape Data Recorder

Introduction Here’s another old project that I decided to redo to see if I could do better. Back in the days when the Commodore 64 and Atari 400’s first came out, most home computers would store and retrieve data from standard audio cassette tapes. Lucky for me, my C64 had a floppy disk drive so […]


W65C265SXB- Software SPI

Software SPI There are at least two famous robots that run on 6502: Futurama’s Bender and The Terminator. I thought it might be fun to write some 6502 code for part of one of these robots, so I downloaded a sound sample of The Terminator and loaded it on this chip along with some code […]