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Product Information

Features Include

  • W65C265 Microcontroller featuring the W65C816 core microprocessor
  • 8 16-bit timers
  • 2 W65C22 Versatile Interface Adapters
  • 32KB SRAM
  • 32KB EPROM
  • 2 PCMCIA v1.0 expansion slots
  • 2 Tone generators
  • Volume control knob
  • Internal Speaker
  • Stereo Mini headphone jack
  • Power, Reset and Charge LED display
  • Reset Button
  • Internal Expansion headers
  • Internal rechargeable battery power connector (battery sold separately)
  • 4 RJ-12 UART Ports
  • 24 pin I/O slot
  • Game controller port (game controller sold separately)

Plenty of IO

The Mensch Computer has built in software to drive all of its IO, includes complete documentation and boots immediately after power up. Configuration options let you choose between programming from the built in operating system or you can develop your own, using the built in system as a guide. You can leave it running all the time because of the low power 65xx technology inside, or take it with you using the internal rechargeable battery.
The Mensch Computer


  • 128KB PCMCIA memory expansion card
  • Game Controller
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Modem
  • Mensch Works software expansion card
  • Printer
  • PC Connector Cable
  • Power Supply

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