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“Although The Philosophy of Embedded Intelligence (EI) is proposed as an enrichment of the concepts within the framework of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), there could be concern by some who think it is yet another way of looking at “Intelligent Design” and the confusion with “Creationism” neither of which are intended or appropriate.

The Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture Educator’s Briefing Packet is meant to help with unintended confusion or inappropriate interpretation of EI. Think this “packet” has lots of frequently asked questions including the much debated topic of evolution.

That said and understood, EI is meant to be empirical scientific understanding of our world within the context of a philosophical theory of intelligence exhibited by all things. The liberal use of intelligence in non-living entities is meant to consider the processing of available information to create matter. In some cases this may take the form of ideas associated with examples of “origami” found in this link that consider “embedded information” that is processed to create the intended results.

Embedded Intelligence is exhibited by all living things. How that came to be is still a question of wonder. Enjoy your journey to understanding.

-Bill Mensch

October 3, 2017

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